Kobujitsu believes that...

Martial Arts should be Simple, Honest and Effective


We aspire toward giving knowledge, confidence and life skills to our students and work with to them to answer questions, broaden their understanding and strive toward a grounded physical and mental approach to martial arts and self defence throughout their training experience. We hope to encourage all our students to be better than our Instructors.

Technique Videos

Kobujitsu MAI - Round slash with knee strike counters
Kobujitsu MAI - Knife Defence Conditioning
Kobujitsu MAI - Straight stab with guillotine response


We understand that not everyone wants to be a Black Belt. Going on holiday?, new job in a different town?, going to a different school?, moved to a new area?, going to university? these are all reasons to ‘top up’ your martial arts skill even if you have never practiced before. Self defence and martial art skill are organic in that everyone has them at all times; but they are honed to different preparation levels.

With two ‘no obligation’ classes, capped monthly training fees, family discounts we bring you the best value for the best self defence martial art there is. Our students train because we give them what they want, the security and confidence to know they can handle themselves if they need to.

“Theory is only theory until it is put into practice; then theory becomes experience!”