The Kobujitsu Belt System

A Syllabus is fundamental in any martial art to determine the parameters for progression. It details the techniques that need be covered, practiced and mastered at the specific belt level. With over thirteen hundred techniques across the entire Kobujitsu system, each belt rank covers approximately eighty techniques.

Kobujitsu has adopted the traditional ‘Shogo’ System for Dan recognition. With seven Kyu below 1st Dan (Shodan) and the traditional nine Dan Levels we have compressed the ranks to put in place a rigid system of progression.

In comparison to other Styles:

Often if you leave a Martial Art and start another you have to start at White Belt and establish loyalty again by going through the System. I have done this four times!

Kobujitsu has created the ability where we can convert students to a comparable rank based on their previously certified experience. For those who have earned a Black Belt already, we can convert straight into a Plain Black which acts as a stepping stone to an official Kobujitsu Shodan. This means that students do not need to invest four more years of their lives to get to the same point they are already at.

This is only possible because of the centralised syllabus library. Every technique is lineated and available to students to assess. With a central pool of knowledge all instructors and students can see the technique [and all the instructor notes and training points] that accompany every move as advised by the Senior Masters ceding that technique from Wally Jay to Fabio Gurgel de Amaral to Fumio Demura or Joseph Hess through Imi Rutten, Morehei Ushiba to Grandmaster Choi. All have leant their knowledge to help Kobujitsu be one of the best future Martial Arts.

Technique Videos

Kobujitsu MAI - Round slash with knee strike counters
Kobujitsu MAI - Knife Defence Conditioning
Kobujitsu MAI - Straight stab with guillotine response